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CORMAK BS 712 GR Band Saw
CORMAK BS 712 GR Band Saw
CORMAK BS 712 GR Band Saw
CORMAK BS 712 GR Band Saw
CORMAK BS 712 GR Band Saw

CORMAK BS 712 GR Band Saw

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Professional, very strong and efficient cut-off saw, metal band saw with 45 ° swivel arm. The perfect solution for locksmith, production and craft workshops. The design and solid workmanship proven over the years make it unrivalled in its class.  

Machine description

Professional, very strong and efficient cutting machine, metal band saw with 45 ° swivel arm, CORMAK BS 712 GR type, based on solutions that have been proven over the years, makes it unrivalled in its class.


The arm made of profiled nodular cast iron ensures rigidity during operation and absorbs all kinds of vibrations. The control panel is placed on the cutter's arm. It is characterized by high efficiency and easy use. It enables cutting in the VERTICAL plane and perpendicular to the axis of the material being cut, or at any angle in the range from 45 to 90 degrees. The cut element can be fed manually or through any feeding device. The feed during cutting takes place by gravity on the principle of oil flow in a two-chamber hydraulic cylinder. The appropriate speed of the arm drop is obtained thanks to the valve regulating the oil flow between the chambers.

The massive, stable and refined structure and the arm made of a single cast iron cast provides the machine with very high rigidity and stability during cutting, which results in cutting precision and long trouble-free operation. The construction and the use of a 27 mm wide cutting band enables the full performance of multi-series cuts of both profiles and full details. The desired linear speed of the belt is achieved by changing the gear ratio on the pulleys between the worm gear and the drive motor.

Technical specifications

Engine power 1.1 kW
Belt speeds 39/55/67 m / min
Power 400V
Belt dimensions 2360 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Cutting range 45 ° L - 45 ° R
Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 1280 x 540 x 920  mm (with the arm raised 1600 mm)


0 ° Ø 205 215 x 205 205 x 205
45 ° L. Ø 150 100 x 200 130 x 130
45 ° R Ø 140 140 x 90 90 x 90