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Cormak Dust Extractor DC3300 230V
Cormak Dust Extractor DC3300 230V

Cormak Dust Extractor DC3300 230V

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 DC3300 230V
  • automatic shaking of the dust filter
  • Single Phase
  • the only extraction in Poland with remote control
  • designed to clean the air with contaminated dry dust
  • built-in pressure gauge
  • DC3300 series extractors have a built-in dust filter which ensures effective filtration
  • strong and quiet centrifugal fan ensuring high vacuum efficiency
  • double filtration system for coarse and fine dust
  • compact exhaust hood
  • massive metal container placed under the separator
  • an additional advantage is the use of branded flexible and durable gaskets in sensitive
  • places allowing to achieve high negative pressure without losses at individual connection points
  • four wheels in the base ensure the absorber's mobility
  • failure-free confirmed by Polish users who enjoy working with our machines every day
Technical specifications
Suction performance 2000 - 7000 m³ / h
Turnover 2800 rpm
Suction nozzle diameter 3 x 100 mm / 1 x 200 mm
Number of containers 2
Engine power 3 kW / 230V
Dimensions 1300 x 1000 x 2300 mm
Weight 175 kg