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HSG258 Health and Safety Executive Guidance

HSG258 from the Health and Safety Executive Guidance on requirements for LEV, Local Exhaust Ventilation.


At Aries Duct Fix we can ensure, via a maintenance contract, regular inspections and servicing your extraction systems comply with the HSG258 rules and regulations on airborne contaminants in the workplace.

The guidance offered by HSG258  explains how local exhaust ventilation (LEV) can help employers effectively control exposure to gas, vapour, dust, fume and mist in workplace air by extracting the clouds of contaminant before people breathe them in. It describes the principles of design, installation, commissioning, testing and examination of proportionate ventilation controls. 

Our technicians at Aries Duct Fix are fully qualified and competent in discussing these standards with you and ensuring correct procedures are implemented. 

From understanding HSG258 implications for Employers and procedures for employees, Aries Duct Fix will ensure your procedures and systems are correct.


hsg 258 and lev in the workplace


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Download here the full HSE HSG258 Booklet. 

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