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CORMAK BS 170G 400v Band Saw
CORMAK BS 170G 400v Band Saw
CORMAK BS 170G 400v Band Saw
CORMAK BS 170G 400v Band Saw
CORMAK BS 170G 400v Band Saw

CORMAK BS 170G 400v Band Saw

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Cormak BS 170G Band Saw.

Thanks to the hydraulic cylinder, cooling and swivel arm up to 60º, is widely used in workshops where precision, quality and cutting speed count.


Band Saw For Metals, Horizontal With A Swivel Arm, Allows Straight Cutting And At Any Angle In The Range From 0 To 60 Degrees. The cutting material can be fed manually or with roller tables. The blade feed is carried out by gravity on the principle of oil flow in a two-chamber hydraulic cylinder. The speed of the arm down feed is controlled thanks to the regulating valve. The blade guides are equipped with a set of bearing rollers. This has a huge impact on the blade, its durability, straightness, accuracy and cutting quality. The appropriate cutting speed should be selected for particular types and grades of material. The rigid arm is made of profile cast iron. The control panel is located conveniently next to the arm. The drive from the electric motor to the driving wheel of the cutting blade is transferred by a motor with a mechanical gear (not a belt). The bandsaw blade is stretched on two cast iron wheels by means of a manual tensioner and guided by a set of bearing rollers. The base is built as a rigid body welded from steel sheets. Inside there is a separate coolant tank with an electro pump. The shape of the upper part of the base is designed for draining the coolant and trapping swarf. In the cutting process, the main cutting motion is the movement of the cutting band and the feed rate of the arm drop. The speed of dropping the arm (cutting speed) is regulated by means of a hydraulic cylinder. The feed speed is adjusted on the control panel of the saw. In the lower position of the arm (after cutting the material) the blade drive is switched off automatically. Safety will be ensured by the blade guard and micro switches that stop the motor operation after the end of the cutting cycle or the opening of any of the covers, additional protection consists in the automatic cut-off of the motor in the event of the cutting band breaking.


Motor power: S1 100%: 1.1kw; S6 40%: 1.5 kw Adjustment of down feed of arm: Hydraulic cylinder Length of blade:2085 x 20 x 0.9 mm Cutting speed: Stepless 0-50 m / min Blade speed: 36 m / min Height of the vice base: 890 mm Weight: 200 kg


0º: Round: ø170 Rectangle: 170x120 Square: 170x 170 45º R: Round: ø120 Rectangle: 120 x 110 Square: 110 x 110 60º R: Round: ø70 Rectangle: 70 x 60 Square: 60 x 60


Manufacturer Cormak
Model BS170G
Condition New
Blade length 2085 x 20 x 0.9 mm
Vice Manual
Blade speed 36/72 m / min
Electrical Power 400V 3 Phase
Capacity 90º (Round) 170mm
Capacity 90º (Rectangular) 170 x 120mm
Total power 1.5kW
Capacity 90º (Square) 170 x 170mm
Capacity 45º R (Round) 120mm
Capacity 45º R (Rectangular) 120 x 110mm
Capacity 45º R (Square) 110 x 110mm
Capacity 60º R (Round) 70mm
Capacity 60º R (Rectangular) 70 x 60mm
Capacity 60º R (Square) 60 x 60mm
Weight 200kg
Type Manual