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Cormak C2030 ATC PREMIUM CNC 4 Axis Milling Machine
Cormak C2030 ATC PREMIUM CNC 4 Axis Milling Machine
Cormak C2030 ATC PREMIUM CNC 4 Axis Milling Machine

Cormak C2030 ATC PREMIUM CNC 4 Axis Milling Machine

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Offered device is a precise machine based on components from renowned manufacturers. Due to our technologically advanced designs we are the leader on the Polish market. CORMAK C2030 ATC CNC milling machine is intended for machining and cutting wooden materials, particleboards, MDF, OSB, plywood, plastics, PVC, acrylic glass.

Machine features

1. Worktable

  • Worktable made in hybrid technology
  • Equipped with T-slots which make it possible to manually fix 2000×3000 mm material
  • Table with 4 independent vacuum sections

2. HQD spindle

  • Brushless high grade spindle, featuring high 9 kW power
  • Additionally equipped with an innovative air cooling system – not flood coolant
  • Spindle design includes high-quality cartridge bearings, featuring quiet work and providing increased durability
  • Spindle speed ranges from 4500 to 24000 rpm

3. Vacuum pump

  • Vacuum pump – 7.5 kW (max –440 mbar)
  • 4 independent vacuum sections

4. Drive

  • SERVO motors are used for driving machines of high power, providing appropriate speed in all directions
  • X and Y axes include high quality toothed racks providing durability and accuracy
  • Z-axis is driven through a high-quality ball screw
  • All axes move along rail guides
  • Machine equipped with a drive height sensor
  • Frame drive on toothed racks, linear guides
  • Linear bearings: trapezoid rails, Hiwin

5. Design

  • Moving frame made of cast iron of great rigidity, absorbing vibration
  • Sturdy table design, made of high-quality materials. Heat-treated during manufacturing process

6. Tool holder

  • Tool holder chuck ISO30 ER32 collet
  • 8-position tool holder
  • Tool height sensor
  • ISO32 holders and 1/2", 4 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm tool fixture sleeves in the set


  • This machine is compatible with the newest version of ARTCAM PRO
  • Optional: UCANCAM V11 CAD/CAM CNC software
  • Software makes it possible to quickly and easily design elements which are afterwards converted by the program into the so-called G-code. It is also possible to import files from other programs

DSP control (with its own CPU, complete software for 3D work)

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • DSP controller of the machine has its own CPU and internal memory, ensuring failure-free operation and simple handling of the device
  • This controller ensures smooth performance of the device and machining accuracy
  • After losing power supply there is no need for restarting the program
  • Memory built into the controller gets rid of the need for having to reload the program every time

Technical data

Work surface 2000×3000 mm
Design Arm – cast iron / table – welded steel
Motors hybrid servomotors
Table hybrid
Spindle power 9 kW
Spindle air-cooled HQD
Spindle speed from 4500 to 24000 rpm
Power supply 400V, compressed air, at least 8 bar
Repositioning accuracy 0.01 mm
Linear bearings trapezoid rails, Hiwin trucks
Material fixture vacuum, hybrid
Pump 7.5 kW vacuum, 4 independent vacuum sections
Dimensions 4070×2870×1950 mm
Weight 2050 kg