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CORMAK DCV3600 Eco Dust Extractor
CORMAK DCV3600 Eco Dust Extractor
CORMAK DCV3600 Eco Dust Extractor
CORMAK DCV3600 Eco Dust Extractor
CORMAK DCV3600 Eco Dust Extractor

CORMAK DCV3600 Eco Dust Extractor

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The DCV series extractors have been designed with the customer in mind and intended for the filtration of chips and dust with very fine granulation in the carpentry and furniture industry. This extraction model offers unbeatable value for money!


  • We guarantee cleaning quality!
  • takes up little space yet can pick up a lot of dust and chips
  • reliability confirmed by production plants struggling with large orders every day
  • massive, non-vibrating, hardened construction for maintenance-free machine operation!
  • metal rotor dynamically balanced to reduce noise levels
  • 3 machines can be connected simultaneously!
  • large filter area!
  • have special blade design , making them more efficient and smooth, and contributing to electricity savings
  • very high tightness of the entire suction system , guaranteeing the best air quality inside the plant, and no heat loss
  • quick change of foil containers designed to keep 99.99% hermetic of the system.
  • DCV 3600 ECO is the next step in the production of efficient sawdust extractors, the aim of which is to ensure the same extraction parameters throughout the entire work cycle.
  • this type of extraction will ensure perfection and cleanliness at the workplace, which will directly translate into the quality of your products.
  • Works perfectly with machines such as: grinders, sliding table saws, edge banding machines, saws, panel saws
  • It is prohibited to use this extractor in an explosive atmosphere
  • Extraction is not adapted to work with wet raw material (e.g. wet sawdust)
  • polyester filter traps dust up to 5 microns in diameter, to filter smaller particles use a filter such as HEPA

Technical parameters

Supply voltage 400V
Motor  2.2 kW
Engine speed 3000 rpm
Filter type Polyester
Filter dimensions Ø160 x 980 mm (9 pcs.)
Dimensions of waste bags Ø500 x 1000 (2 pcs)
Outlet connectors 3 x Ø120 mm / 1 x Ø200 mm
Dimensions (W x L x H) 580 x 1600 x 2200 mm
Weight 89 kg