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CORMAK G5025 band saw
CORMAK G5025 band saw
CORMAK G5025 band saw
CORMAK G5025 band saw
CORMAK G5025 band saw

CORMAK G5025 band saw

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Strong, large band-saw for metals, with a rotating arm that allows cutting in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the cut material and at any angle in the range of -45 ° left to 60 ° right. The band saw is ideal for cutting pipes, profiles and solid materials

Product characteristics

The material to be cut can be fed manually or with any mechanical device, while the tool feed is automatic. The appropriate cutting speed (belt speed) is obtained by changing the control panel. Rigid arm made of profiled cast iron. The drive from the electric motor to the wheel driving the cutting band is transmitted by a motor with a worm gear. The cutting band is tensioned on two cast iron wheels by means of a manual tensioner and guided in adjustable rolling and sliding carbide guides. The base is built as a rigid body welded from steel sheets. Inside there is a separate coolant tank with an electro pump. The design of the upper part of the base provides a basin for draining the coolant and catching the chips produced during cutting the material. A work table with a swivel arm from both sides -45 ° to plus 60 ° is attached to the base of the cast iron structure. The control panel is mounted on a separate arm. In the cutting process, the main cutting movement is to move the cutting band. The speed of the arm drop (cutting speed) is regulated by a hydraulic actuator. The feed rate is regulated on the cutting machine's control panel. We can choose between two speeds of the cutting band 36 and 72 m / min. In the lower position of the arm (after cutting the material), the saw band drive is automatically turned off. Safety will be ensured by the cutting band covers and microswitches which stop the engine's operation after the end of the cutting cycle or opening any of the covers, additional protection consists in switching off the cutter automatically in the event of the cutting band breaking.

Technical data

Cutting band size [mm] 2715 x 27 x 0.9
Belt tension mechanical (manual)
Belt speeds [m / min] 36, 72
Arm drop adjustment step less - hydraulic cylinder
Height of the vice base [mm] 765
Minimum length of material in a vice [mm] 100
Power 3 phase 400V
Total power [kW] S1 100%: 1.5; S6 40%: 2.1
Cooling pump motor power [kW] 0.025
Weight [kg] 330
Warranty [months] 12
Manual (DTR) Polish language
CE declaration Yes